Facial Toner: The Most Skipped Step in Skin Care

As skin care routines have gotten pretty complex over the years, facial toners have pretty much fallen out of favor. Facial toners can play a role in assuring your skin has a clean healthy appearance.

When used correctly, toners help to remove excess oils that remain after cleansing and help prep your skin for the next steps in your beauty routine. It’s a known fact, that moist skin absorbs topical products better than dry skin. So those “oh-so-special” (and likely moderate to high priced) third and fourth steps of treatment serum, oil and/or moisturizer penetrate the skin rapidly.

These ain’t your grandma’s toners of yesteryear! Over are the days of rubbing harsh, alcohol-based concoctions on your face, to remove the heavy oil-based cleansers used back in the day. Today’s toners are mostly water-based and really high quality!  Made with premium ingredients that are ultra-hydrating, have anti-inflammatory properties, minimize pores, detox the skin (I could go on and on) and generally gives skin the boost it needs, to GLOW healthy.

Herbal Mineral Facial Toner

Our Herbal Mineral Facial Toner is a powerhouse of a toner. It’s a multi-functional, hydrating toner that enhances the skin’s natural repair process and promotes skin elasticity. The incorporation of bio-extracts, bee pollen, and ginseng in our skin-loving formula will revitalize and condition the skin. Producing a slight flush, giving the skin a healthy glow.

Toners work to balance the pH level of your skin. You’re asking yourself, “why this should be important to you”? Well, pH or potential hydrogen measures how acidic or alkaline (basic) a substance is. An overview: The pH scale ranges from 0 – 14. A pH of 7 is neutral, pH below 7 is acidic, and pH of over 7 is alkaline. When pH is out of whack, as it pertains to skin, from using the wrong products, your skin pays a price. Resulting in, increased sensitivity, diminished elasticity (wrinkles), redness, inflammation or acne. Your skin requires a balance of acidity and alkalinity for optimal health. 

The phrase pH balanced isn’t marketing fluff, it matters. So, if you’re skipping toner, you’re missing some pretty amazing benefits.

I’d like to take a poll: Are you PRO-Toner or NO-Toner? I want to hear from you.




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